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EQ Shoes

EQ Shoes, a long-standing shoe store rooted in Halkidiki since 1985, embraced the digital era in 2016 by stepping into the world of e-commerce. As of 2021, I took on the exciting challenge of building their online store from the ground up using Prestashop, a dedicated e-commerce platform. The primary goal was to create an online shopping experience that felt refreshing and uncluttered, steering clear of overwhelming elements like incessant notifications and overly persistent calls to action.

The design strategy revolved around a minimalist approach, ensuring that every interaction was straightforward and purposeful. The aim was to maintain user engagement by keeping their journey uncomplicated and focused on completing purchases. Notably, I employed a streamlined one-page checkout process. This clever approach presented all the necessary fields and options – including address, shipping, and payment details – within a single page, eliminating the need for reloads or excessive clicking.

This strategy, particularly impactful on mobile devices, significantly enhanced the fluidity and ease of the entire purchasing process, ultimately creating a smoother and more enjoyable experience for the end-users.

  • ClientEQ Shoes
  • Year2021
  • TypeEshop
  • PlatformPrestaShop
  • Websiteeqshoes.gr