Nickalex Nickalex


Nickalex, situated in Greece, is a prominent industrial engineering services provider.

The website acts as a comprehensive guide to the range of services offered, encompassing construction, project management, study, planning, and design of CHP (combined heat and power) structures.

Within its digital confines, a potential client can delve into the company's origins and explore its past ventures. The website thoughtfully incorporates a dedicated contact page for those seeking project quotes or additional information. This page seamlessly offers all necessary contact details.

The foundation of this digital platform is built on MODX, meticulously chosen to facilitate hassle-free content management by the client. This approach harmonizes the intricate art of engineering with the user-friendly interface, resulting in an informative and approachable online space.

  • ClientFanis Moumtzis
  • Year2020
  • TypeCorporate Site
  • PlatformMODX