Vasilis Adamos Vasilis Adamos

Vasilis Adamos

Vasilis Adamos is an artist specializing in both jewelry and sculpture, residing in London, UK.

Back in 2017, he required a virtual platform to exhibit his intricate creations across these two artistic domains. This led to the creation of a website that not only showcased his diverse portfolio but also served as the central hub for all his creative endeavors.

Visitors to the website are greeted with a captivating array of Vasilis Adamos' sculptures and jewelry designs. Additionally, the site seamlessly links to his various other online profiles, inviting a deeper exploration of his artistic universe. The website also acts as a gateway to his external e-shop, where his pieces can be acquired.

Built on the user-friendly WordPress platform, the website empowers Vasilis to update content effortlessly. This ensures a seamless connection between his artistic vision and his online presence.

In essence, Vasilis Adamos' website encapsulates his artistry and offers visitors a curated window into his captivating world of sculpture and jewelry.

  • ClientVasilis Adamos
  • Year2017
  • TypePersonal Site
  • PlatformWordpress